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Best Free Stock Image Providers on Internet | Latest & Best of 2017

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We gonna take a look a best available FREE and almost free Stock image providers on the internet. this is specially informative for all web designers and graphic artists. As we need stock images from day to day basis, we can use the following given links for search the stock images. Although you can compare these to shutterstock giant, these may not be as powerful as that but these are no less and ofcourse these are free.
And dont forget to use the Stock images search engine EVERYPIXEL. it searches most of the free and paid stock image providers for specific content.
stock images

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safari on windows

How to get Safari 10.1 in Windows

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Some of you may have faced problems in getting the safari’s latest version for testing or any needed purposes, but as you know apple doesnt provide safari version after v5.1 for windows or other OS. So if you dont own a mac or iphone there is basically no way to use safari, right?  Well here we use another workarounds like online cloud Mac OS, browserstack services etc. The best way to get latest safari in windows is to use a Virtual Operating System under virtual environment like VirtualBox or VMware.

You may have all of this figured out by now. Just use following Steps if you still have doubts.

1. Download VirtualBox

Get it here

2. Download Mac Sierra OS iso

Get it here

3. Install Mac into VirtualBox

See Tutorial here

4. Profit!

Best Typography Resources Websites for Designers

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We gonna take a look a best font and typography resources available for designers on internet. Most of them are free but also includes premium resources. Plus if you like a font somewhere, just take a screenshot and upload it to any font recognizing website (as given below) and most probably you will find exact or good match easily. Most of the time you can easily get free alternatives.


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